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The Dennis Tarnow Symposium

September 7-8 | The Crystal | London

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Join us for this rare and exclusive event as Dennis Tarnow takes us for a comprehensive walk through 30 years of his dental career, through a two day symposium.

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September 7th - 8th


Starts at 9.30am


8 hours per day


The Crystal
1 Siemens Brothers Way
London E16 1GB

2 days for only £695!

Explore the controversies and innovations within implant dentistry.

​We will address what we know, what we think we know and what we don't know.

Participants will learn

  • The latest concepts for implant design - from the abutment connection to the tip of the implant.
  • Surface texture - what is the best for integration to be maximised?
  • Sinus lifts. Socket management. Surgical graft materials. Membranes. Growth factors - are they vital to the outcomes in short and long term?
  • Placement of implants – when, into healed ridges, immediate or delayed sockets?
  • Socket Shield Therapy and PET (Partial Extraction Therapy) - what are the potential benefits and shortcomings of this new technique
  • Loading protocols - full arch cases, partially edentulous cases, and for single teeth
  • Temporization - before and after implant placement
  • Periodontal considerations around implants
  • Esthetics and implants - Management of esthetic problem cases
  • Serial extraction case - How to simplify treatment for the most complicated cases
  • How to avoid removable partials and dentures in treatment planning using innovative fixed temporisation techniques
  • Treatment of failing implants – how to achieve success - limitations
  • Multidisciplinary management of the most difficult esthetic failure cases

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